Monday, November 22, 2010

Lesson 9: General Class Exam Course G2D

Here is lesson 9.  Lesson 9 covers the G2D questions, specifically the Amateur Auxiliary.  The Amateur Auxiliary are Amateur volunteers who are enlisted by the FCC to help ensure Part 97 compliance.  There are a lot of them and you'd be surprised how fast they can find you if you're coloring outside the lines.  Most often non-compliance is a mistake and you'll get a friendly warning, but have no doubt that the auxiliary can forward you straight to the FCC.  So be good.

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  1. Nice moble site... Much faster on the iPod Touch!

  2. Passed my Technician after taking your course!!! KK4HBS
    Many thanks..

    As a note for others following here:
    G2D07 should reference 97.313i instead of 97.303

  3. Updates for new question pool:

    No question #12 in new pool.
    Question #5 on video is gone. New question is:
    "When is it permissible to communicate with amateur stations in countries outside the areas administered by the Federal Communications Commission?" Answer: "When the contact is with amateurs in any country except those whose administrations have notified the ITU that the object to such communications." Not sure how that fits in this section, though.

    Q#7 is worded slightly differently in the new pool, but the answer is the same.