Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lesson 10: General Class Exam Course G2E

Here is lesson 10!  Lesson 10 covers the G2E questions dealing with data modes.  There is a bit that you may want to memorize.  There is a great deal on RTTY and data bits that most Hams may not be familiar with, especially if you're not computer savvy.  That information you need to know for the exam is as follows:

-The mode for AFSK RTTY is most often LSB
-RTTY uses a 5 bit code with additional start and stop bits
-RTTY frequency shift (FSK) in HF is 170 Hz

-Routing and handling information contained in data packets are found in the header

-Frequecies where data is most often used:
     20m 14.070-14.100 MHz
     80m 3570-3600 MHz
     20m PSK is most often used ~14.070 MHz

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  1. Update for new question pool:

    Everything in the video is spot on with the new pool, except that they added 2 more questions:

    G2E12: How does the receiving station respond to an ARQ data mode packet containing errors? Answer: Requests the packet be re-transmitted.

    G2E13: In the PACTOR protocol, what is meant by an NAK response to a transmitted packet? Answer: The receiver is requesting the packet be re-transmitted.

  2. A typo in the preamble notes preceding the video:

    Frequencies where data is most often used:

    80M 3570- 3600 KHz (3.570 - 3.600 MHz)