Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lesson 11: General Class Exam Course G2F

Welcome back!  Here is lesson 11 covering the G2F questions and Morse Code procedures.  CW is a fun way of communicating that is easier than you think to learn and really opens up a lot of possibilities in Ham Radio.  If you have the opportunity, I highly suggest you learn it.  This lesson is fairly straight forward, but there are some Q signals and prosigns you'll need to memorize.  They are:

Q signals:
     QRS   Send slower
     QRQ  Send faster
     QSL   I acknowledge receipt
     QRV  I am ready to receive messages

     AR    End of formal message
     KN   Listening for a specific station or stations
     CL    Closing station

A 'C' in an RST report means you have a chirpy or unstable signal.

That's all the hard stuff for lesson 11.  If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please leave them in the comment box.  Until lesson 12...



  1. In the new question pool, this G2F video corresponds to G2C. All the questions are the same, but in a different section.

  2. Need to upload video from backup. Ends at q8. Does not go any further.

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