Monday, November 22, 2010

Lesson 8: General Class Exam Course G2C

Hello once again!  Here is lesson 8 which covers the G2C questions dealing with emergency communications.  This questions in this section are fairly straight forward.  There is a common theme in the questions: when dealing with an emergency...anything goes (almost).  If you are handling a true emergency dealing with immediate threat to human life or property, there is a lot of slack in the Part 97 rules to allow you to deal with the emergency in an as effective manner as possible.  You also want to keep communications as simple and to the point as possible. 

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  1. In the new pool, Emergency is bundled with G2b questions and G2c deals with CW operating procedures and procedural signals; q signals and common abbreviations; full break in. So this is good review for the previous sections but does not apply to this section in the new pool. Maybe the contents of the new section are covered in a future lesson. If so, I'll post again here. In any case, check the new question pool for this section!

  2. Lesson 11 has the G2C questions and answers.

  3. Great vids but #18 part 2 won't download. But thanks