Friday, July 23, 2010

Lesson 35: Technician Class Exam Prep T0C

Here is the last and final lesson in the Technician Class Exam Prep!  Lesson 35 covers the T0C questions from the exam question pool and RF hazards.  The ultimate theme to this lesson is you need to be aware that your signal produces RF radiation and there is a limit where RF exposure can become unhealthy.  The levels of RF which you and others can be safely exposed to varies by frequencies.  Human bodies, like antennas can resonate at certain frequencies which means RF at 80m will have different exposure limits than RF at 6m.  Be aware and be careful.

I hope this course was an aide in your attempt to get your Technician License.  Use it as you see fit.

Until the next course...



  1. Great course. I know a number of people that are using this in supplement to other materials.

    We are on to work on the General and will take both tests together this month.

    Hope at some point you get the energy to do the general in videos too.

    But thanks again for your help

  2. Just wanted to let you know that between an old Technician book I got from the library and your site, I passed my tech exam this past weekend! I tried for the general as well but didnt pass. But then again, I havent studied for that one yet. Im looking forward to the rest of the general exam videos! Thanks again!

  3. Hi Andy, I tried to leave this message on you tube but for some reason I get "error, try again", I tried over and over. So I'm leaving the message here until You tube fixes there problem.

    I listened & read all 35 of your Tech Class vids. Excellent study tool. I went thru them when time provided, in 1 week. I tested my self on Today, 4/2/11, I pasted the Technician Class License Test. I meet some good people at the test as well. Thanks A LOT merryviking/Andy. What a great contribution to people who want to get into the hobby. I was going to sign up on AmateurRadio dot com today and leave a thank you, they want a call sign. They it will take a wk to get the call sign.

    I look forward to trying the General, albeit a little intimadating.

  4. Congrats on passing the Technician and don't freak out too much about the General. It's not too different. There is a good deal more on HF communication. Congrats again! Let me know your call when you get it!
    73! -Andy

  5. Your videos have helped me tremendously! Before viewing them I was scoring 23 to 28+- on mock tests. Now I am only missing one or two questions per test. I am going to try to do both Tech and Gen so I look forward to viewing those also. I thank you very much for taking the time to put these together.

  6. Thanks a bunch not only for making this available, but for also doing the basic explanations of why the answers are what they are. I can see why some Elmers might take exception to noobs simply memorizing answers without knowing why they are correct, so your touching on the theory as you went along really rounded it out. Have been acing the exams and am chomping at the bit to get my ticket back after many years. Thanks once again and 73. Chris ex-KC8OWU (2000), ex-KA2DQS (1979)

  7. good day Andy
    your time and efforts
    are greatly appreciated
    thank you

  8. Hello Andy,

    This is a very impressive body of work that is really helpful to all Hams. Thank you very much. I have been out of it for a while and am going to retake my exam after my license expired and your exam course is great!!!
    Tom D from NY

  9. Andy:

    THANKS for this, I am going to get my Technicians license, soon, went thru ALL 35 of your videos!!!, I had Novice license back in 1976, passed when I was in jr high school, but then let it lapse. Sincerely, James Jensen (formerly WB5PKW-EXPIRED)

  10. Thanks so much for this, Andy. I went through all the videos and feel that I am prepared for my exam this month. You were very helpful. God bless!

  11. I am going to remember this for my test.

  12. Aloha Andy
    Mahalo for all your effort in putting this together it made learning fun

  13. I used this course to prep for my exam and passed with a 100%. Thanks! When will the General be updated?

  14. I used your course for the Technician exam and had a perfect score on the exam. Thanks.

  15. I'm recently retired and a FPV Drone pilot and I used your Ham Whisperer Videos to study for my Tech class license. They were very helpful,I PASSED! Thank You for your hard work. Never too old to learn!