Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moving on to General Class

Hello again!  It looks like the Technician Class Exam Prep videos have met with some good results which honestly makes me pretty thrilled!  Based on the comments from the various posts on this site and my YouTube channel, I am going to start on a General Class license course vice a Morse Code or electronics course (though I still plan on tackling them in the near future).   Like the Technician Class courses, the intent of the videos is to essentially coach the exam.  They are designed to get you past the exam so that you can go on and do great things in Amateur Radio!

In the Technician Class videos, I tried to knock one out per day for posting.  The General Class questions are a little more in depth and the average number of questions per sub-element is higher so I don't think I'm going to be able to maintain the same tempo as I did with the Technician videos.  However, rest assured that I am working diligently on the project and will get them out as soon as possible.  The other factor to take into account is that the General Class questions are scheduled to change in the summer of 2011... so time is a factor. 

With that said, please let me know if you have any suggestions on ways to improve from the Technician videos.

I hope these videos continue to prove to be a useful tool in preparing for the Amateur Radio exams.  I appreciate all the supportive comments everyone has made!  I hope to start getting the new videos out in the next week or so.



  1. Hey Andy

    Again, thanks for your help. Passed my Technician and General exam all in one sitting in September, and now am moving on to studying my Extra. Couldn't have stayed motivated without your very helpful videos.



  2. I passed my exam thanks to your coaching, I'm looking forward to your General Exam prep. Hopefully I can get it done before they change the exam in 2011

  3. John...Congrats and I'm thrilled the videos helped! I'm working on the audio for the General Class lessons now. I should start posting them in the next couple of days. Thanks for the comment!

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  4. Andy because of the You Tube Technician course I passed my exam last night. Thanks for all your help. How many General Lessons do you have?
    Want to go ahead with studying for that.

  5. Hey I wanted to chime in (N....B....C....) and add another thanks, I went thru the whole Tech course over the last month or so, and passed Tech this past Saturday. [Have the CSCE but not yet in ARRL db] Also came within a few questions of passing General without even looking at any material. Since I went out of town to take the exam a week earlier than local, I'm using this week to really bone up on General so I can hopefully pass this coming Saturday here in town. 3rd time getting my ticket - first at 15, then at 36, and now again at 48! Hope to keep it this time too. Thanks once again, great job on the videos, very helpful. Cheers...

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