Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lesson 33: Technician Class Exam Prep T0A

Hello!  Here is lesson 33 covering the T0A questions of the exam pool and AC power circuits.  Despite the title for this section, it primarily deals with electronic safety.  This whole T0 sub-element deals with Amateur Radio safe practices.  This is important because Amateur Radio, unlike hobbies like butterfly catching or stamp collecting, may actually kill you.  The ways which you may be hurt or injured may not be that obvious.  This sub-element is the FCC's way of making sure you've done the proper research in how to operate safely without causing harm to yourself or others. 

We're on the home stretch!  Only two lessons left!



  1. Isn't the answer to question 7 "D" and not "C" as listed in the answer key?

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