Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lesson 27: Technician Class Exam Prep T8A

Hello once again!  Here is lesson 27, the latest lesson in the Technician Class License prep course.  This lesson covers the T8A questions for the exam question pool dealing with modulation modes and bandwidth.  Bandwidth is the space a radio signal occupies in the radio spectrum and is measured in Hz.  Different modes take up different amounts of space.  There are a few bandwidths you will need to memorize for the exam.  They are:

Single Sideband Voice Signal is 3 kHz.
VHF Repeater FM Voice Signal is between 5 and 15 kHz.
Fast Scan TV on 70 cm is about 6 MHz.
CW is 150 Hz.

If you can remember that CW has the smallest bandwidth, that will help with a few other question on the exam.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, as always please leave them in the comments box.  Until next time...


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  1. I almost feel like this information should come earlier in the lessons. I know you're going in order with the T_ but some of these things might help others in the earlier sections.