Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lesson 6: Technician Class Exam Prep T1F

Hello again! This is the 6th lesson to get you prepared for the Amateur Radio Technician Class exam.  In this lesson we cover the T1F questions from the exam question pool which is the last of the T1 sub-element so you've reached the first milestone!  The subjects covered are station identification and operation standards to include special operations for repeaters and auxiliary stations, third party communications, club stations, station security, and FCC inspections.  Because this video went a little long it is broken into two parts.

One of the subjects that was not covered in too much detail in the question pool but I think is important is Third Party Communications.  There are two slightly different aspects to third party communications.  The first is the passing of messages from a non-licensed individual (third party) over the Amateur bands to another non-licensed individual.  With in the United States, this is fine as long as the persons operating the transmitters are licensed U.S. Amateurs and the message does not violate any FCC rules.  Third party communication is done a great deal in emergency communications and disaster relief.  From an international point of view, third party traffic is acceptable only if the foreign government where the message is being sent or received allows third party message traffic. In the second aspect, Amateurs may allow a third party to send the information themselves over the Amateur bands.  This can only be done under the direct supervision of a licensed Amateur who acts as the control operator.  The control operator is responsible to ensure the third party sending the message remains in compliance with FCC rules and regulations.   Clear as mud?

As always, if you have any comments. questions, or suggestions please leave them in the comment box.  Until next time...



  1. This is a GREAT resource. thnk you so much. On this video, the sound stops after question 9 of the quiz

  2. Andy, Audio stops after question 9 on the quiz. I appreciate the efford

  3. Andy. I really like your approach to you course. I am wanting to teach a technician radio course for our club using your books. We are planning on buying your books to teach the class but we would really like to have the power point slides to go along with the books for in class instruction. I think this would work better then using the videos. Please let me know about getting a copy of the slides. My email is Thank you.

  4. Just an FYI... there is no audio for questions 10 - 13.

  5. The first is the passing of messages from a non-licensed individual (third party) over the Amateur bands to another non-licensed individual. 2V0-51.19 exam question

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