Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lesson 14: Technician Class Exam Prep T4B

Here is lesson 14 of the Technician Class Amateur Radio Exam course.  This lesson covers the T4B questions from the exam question pool dealing with operating controls.  One of the things I recommended for this lesson is to go to the newsstand, or order online, a copy of an Amateur Radio magazine like QST (published by the ARRL) or CQ : Radio Amateurs Journal.  Look through the magazine, especially the ads for the various new transceivers.  Take particular note of what features these transceivers have.  What type of memory, squelch, gain control, etc.  Also, it wouldn't hurt to read through some of the equipment reviews.  This will give you a good idea what this section of the exam is talking about, plus it gives you an excuse to buy a Ham Radio magazine.  Until lesson 15...



  1. Andy can you please verify your answers to questions 10 and 11? Thank you

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  4. Andy - I truly appreciate this series you put up. I'm using it to study for my Technician Class license in a couple of weeks.
    However, two of your answers on the key are wrong for this section.
    #7 - You have C listed as the answer (Rectifier Inverter Test) for RIT and it is clearly B) Receiver Incremental Tuning
    #9 - You have A listed as the answer (500 Hz), but it should be C) 2400 Hz

    Please update your answer sheet for new viewers. :)

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