Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lesson 17: Technician Class Exam Prep T5C

Hello again!  Lesson 17 is one of the funner lessons in my opinion.  In this lesson we get started covering some basic electronic principles and components.  There are a few basic units and a formula you need to memorize for this section.

The basic unit of capacitance is the farad.
The basic unit of inductance is the henry.
The basic unit of frequency is Hertz.

And you need to be able to find the power in a DC circuit when you are given the current (amperes) and voltage,  That formula is:

P=IE  Where P is power in watts, I is the current in amperes, and E is the voltage in volts.

And that's about it.  As always, I welcome your questions, comments, or suggestions...especially the suggestions as I am trying to build this site into a useful resource.  Thanks!



  1. hi; thanks for making this website of yours available to all especially for us here in the Phils.


  2. greatly appreciate the videos thank you

  3. Great stuff. I believe the Farad unit (named after Michael Faraday) is more commonly pronounce like "fair rad" or "fair red".