Saturday, May 21, 2011

International Morse Code: Lesson 8

Here is lesson 8 and the letters Y, J, L, and the number 4.

Random Run:

L M D S F G J N B A Q W I U T Y J P H E R I N B C J K 2 1 S R C V Q

Please leave any comments, suggestions, or questions in the comments box!  Thanks!



  1. in the random run after the letter J there is a 'j' we copy down that you afterwards read off as a 'c'. Still an awesome video though, thanks for uploading them!

  2. In the random run after the letter J, the seventh Morese code is J while you afterwards read off as an 'i'. Ir does not matter at all, I would like to express my deep appreciation for you dedication. Susumu Ito, Kobe Japan

    1. I had to play it back to make sure. But it is entirely possible that the letter j can be misread as i. I've done that before, entirely a practical mishap and just shows how down to earth and real Andy is.

  3. by the way in what WPM ,you conduct the random run??

  4. This is an awesome Morse code course! Andy makes it enjoyable and interesting and just challenging enough to bring out my best performance, but not so much as to be frustrating and discouraging. I really like his format of a brief review at the beginning of each new lesson, covering the lessons learned in the prior lessons, then a random run of more and more letters until the entire content is briefly covered. Then a new letter or number, with enough repetitions to cement the new symbol. Then he makes it fun by making words to utilize the new letter (or number, if a number was just covered). This continues until near the end of the lesson, where a random run covers all the material up to that point. I find myself doing the random run over and over until I can do it almost flawlessly, before I go n to the next lesson. I also find myself sending Morse messages while I lie in bed at night, or doing some other activity that doesn't require my full attention. I am nearing the end of the course and have almost learned a new language that has intrigued me since I was a child. Thanks, Andy, for a great course!

  5. A very useful course which is helping me get a grounding in morse before I tackle one of the faster Koch sessions like G4FON's software. It's a great course and a useful website. Thank you from a newly licensed amateur in BC.

  6. I enjoy making morse code ringtones for various contacts in my phone. I can know who is calling without looking.

  7. .-.. / -- / -.. / ... / ..-. / --. / .--- / -. / -... / .- / --.- / .-- / .. / ..- / - / -.-- / .--- / .--. / .... / . / .-. / .. / -. / -... / -.-. / .--- / -.- / ..--- / .---- / ... / .-. / -.-. / ...- / --.-

    This is random run in Morse...

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