Monday, January 24, 2011

Lesson 25: General Class Exam Course G6C

In this lesson, we go over integrated circuits (ICs).  This lesson is fairly straight forward, except there are a few definitions that you will need to memorize.  If you remember from the Technician Class exam, Integrated Circuits are semiconductor devices with transistors, diodes, and other electrical components all on a single chip.  They have revolutionized technology by essentially taking and entire circuit and placing it on a very, very small chip.

Here is what you will need to focus on for the exam:

-Linear Voltage Regulators are most often provided as an ANALOG IC.

-CMOS stands for Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor and is the most common family of logic circuits.  They use very little power compared to other ICs.

-Operational Amplifiers (OpAmps) are ANALOG ICs.

-MMIC stands for Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit.

Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or questions in the comments box.  Stand by for lesson's a big one.


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